October 23, 2014

LP: Failed Flowers - Demo 2014

Failed Flowers' Demo 2014 celebrates the complexity of our emotions.

Failed Flowers recently released a sweet set of fleshy, not-so-demo-y demos appropriately called Demo 2014. These songs are woven together with familiar harmonies and glazed chiming guitars, though each offers a little surprise. Without glancing at the track name, “Fuck You” might catch you by surprise. The honey-est, humming guitar strums in, but the opening sentiment is decidedly not sweet. This one is lovingly followed up by a poppy, head-bobbing number, “The Excuse.” These songs dive off each other in all sorts of beautiful directions. Demos 2014 is best listened to in your souped-up White Corolla (a la Casiotone for the Painfully Alone) or with headphone earmuffs lined in faux fur during a brisk walk around the park.

The songs on Demo 2014 leave your ears full of all different flavors and feelings. “My Death” and “Talk About It” serve as melancholy roller coasters, heavily barreling around heart-skipping slow jams like “Episodes.” The album rolls itself up in a sweater ball with the final track, “Matters.” “Everything that hurts, I feel it all the time,” the song opens, later qualifying this hurt with, “everything’s happening, it matters all the time.” With a record as emotionally dynamic as Demo 2014, it’s refreshing to celebrate the complexity of what we feel and how different all these moments sound. But even when they do hurt, they fit in with all of the tender moments as well. I guess that’s just life!


Listen to Failed Flowers on bandcamp.

Jeanette Wall, a Libra who watches My So-Called Life, idolizes Cyndi Lauper, and eats mac 'n' cheese. She runs a music zine and writes about music and comedy. She lives with a cat in Brooklyn.