October 14, 2014

EP: Layer Cake - Milk Jr.

Layer Cake is just as sweet as the real deal.

Though dreamy Denton, Texas quartet Layer Cake has already disbanded, their first and only EP, Milk Jr., commemorates the band’s brief reign as the pop darlings of East Texas. These five carefully textured songs drape Layer Cake’s floating harmonies over slow-waltzing melodies that move at the speed of a tongue kiss. For fans of sweet nothings delivered on swirling synth beats, Milk Jr. is a charming EP that lifts and lingers like a sugar-storm.

The four ladies of Layer Cake shroud lonely, one-sided conversations in lovely four-part vocals that are as equally delicate as the subject matter is wistful. “Who’s gonna be making the first move?” asks a dear and gentle voice on the track Friend Request, quickly followed by, “What do I need to do to set it up for you?” The same voice continues to ask questions, like “Where do you go at 4 a.m.?” and “Do you know that I know that you want it?” While steadily controlled bass lines ground the choir-like singing in casual reflection, the bouncing bits of keyboard add an airy lightness to Milk Jr. that seems distinctly and willfully playful. As vocally sophisticated as Au Revoir Simone with the bedroom D.I.Y. ethic of The Blow, Layer Cake’s debut effort explores what happens when you travel to the the western edge of a curious heart and smile longingly into the ravine.


Listen to Layer Cake on bandcamp.

Bryn Lovitt is an L.A.-bred Pisces who shares a birthday with Kurt Cobain and Patty Hearst, which she believes explains her perfectly. She spends her time freelance writing for several magazines and composing love songs for Jordan Catalano on a pink electric guitar.