September 15, 2014


A shred-worthy mix from Boston's BUFU records.

I can't remember exactly how I became aware of BUFU records but I do remember meeting Ben Katzman because you can't forget meeting someone like Ben. He's enthusiastic, fucking shreds with his band Acidosis, and is more hyped on introducing good people to good music than most everyone you have ever met. BUFU Records puts on great shows and puts out even better records and almost makes me wish I lived in Boston so that I could hang out with his crew every damn day. BUFU and Boston forever.

Ben Katzman on BUFU Records Monday Mix:

"A question we always seem to ask is 'who roks?' but clearly you rok for reading The Le Sigh! We are BUFU Records, a label based out of Boston, MA! We like to chill hard and shred with our friends. This compilation features some of our favorite female-fronted bands in our region both BUFU and non BUFU. We hope you enjoy the serious riffage and shredding on these tracks and be sure to look out for new albums this fall featuring Japanther, IAN, Littlefoot, Free Pizza and more!" 

1. "Big Cop" - Downtown Boys
2. "Wrath" - Shady Hawkins
3. "Cookie" - Guerilla Toss
4. "Black Hole" - Littlefoot
5. "Far Out" - Tomboy
6. "Don't Call Me" - IAN
7. "Hesitation" - Saralee
8. "Peach Pits" - Couples Counseling
9. "Jesse" - Palm Sunday
10. "Fuego" - Malportado Kids

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Photo by Hannah Cohen

Written by Marisa Dabice