August 28, 2014

Track: Strange Relations - "You Talk"

Talking ambiguous romance with Minneapolis' Strange Relations.

Strange Relations knows what it feels like to be in the weird hook up/dating/whatever situation. The Minneapolis-based band's latest track, "You Talk", traces all the thoughts that pass through your head while you're in a relationship that isn't panning out as you hoped it would. The Sarah Records-esque song begins on a hopeful note with vocalist Casey Sowa musing on the subject at hand being "not the type I usually fall for" (doesn't it always start that way?). But things begin to get a little more complicated when she begins asking scary questions like, "Are you happy? / Do you need me? / Do you need space? / Are you listening?". She ponders the state of the relationship over stop-and-start guitars and drums that add an unexpected heightened drama. The band shared some words about the meaning of "You Talk", which is off of their forthcoming debut album, and you can stream the single below.

Strange Relations on "You Talk":

"Every relationship in our lives involves an exchange of power. As much as we strive to feel understood, to feel united, we often find ourselves divided. This song is about finding yourself on a different page than someone you care about. It's about needing to be in control and sacrificing control in exchange for belonging. And it's about wanting to make things right."


Listen to Strange Relations on bandcamp.

Written by Emily Thompson