August 5, 2014

Premiere: Miserable - "Hotel"

Take a sneak peak into Miserable's new Dog Days EP.

It might be still be August but over the weekend, I felt a chill in the air that signified fall was definitely on its way. Truth be told, I'm already looking forward to chilly days and trading in my summery surf and garage rock playlists for something a little more moody to match the colder weather. Hearing Miserable's "Hotel" for the first time made me even more excited for long walks home in the night throughout October and November, feeling the city both sleepy and alive.

You may know Kristina Esfandiari, the lady behind Miserable, as the former vocalist for Whirr. Since her departure from the band, Kristina has been hard at work on her own solo material under the monikers Miserable and King Woman. Kristina's newest release as Miserable is a four-track EP titled Dog Days that'll be out on August 12th, but you can get a glimpse of the album via the video for the track "Hotel." "Hotel" is a brooding tune that builds on hazy guitars and Kristina's voice before petering out. The video matches the tone perfectly, with Kristina getting lost amongst a string of dark clubs and alleys. Dog Days will be released by UK-based collective Sad Girls Club and is accompanied by a beautiful, minimal art series drawn by Emily Fraser

Watch the video for "Hotel" below:

Pre-order the cassette here.

Written by Emily Thompson