August 1, 2014

Premiere: Bermuda Bonnie - "Ditched, Again"

Stream "Ditched, Again" from Bermuda Bonnie's forthcoming album.

Brooklyn-based artist Rebecca Hust has been recording under the moniker Bermuda Bonnie since '09. After releasing her album Drama through Chill Mega Chill two years ago, she has teamed up with the label once again to release its sequel Drama II... More Drama. Today we're excited to share a dreamy song from the album entitled "Ditched, Again." Falling somewhere in between tropical pop and spoken word, this track may or may not remind you of that time you were stood up at your local movie theater in the 7th grade; and it might still be relatable when your most recent Tinder date stops texting back. Whatever the circumstance, no one wants to be "Ditched, Again" but the breezy electro beats in this song don't make it sound all that bad.

Bermuda Bonnie on "Ditched, Again":
"'Ditched, Again' is about 4th of July and depressing... Argh, well it's sad and I will say I don't miss being twelve at all."


Order the tape from Chill Mega Chill (US/Worldwide) or Good Pop Bad Pop (Mexico).

Written by Diana Cirullo