August 18, 2014

LP: Family Video - Maybe This Summer

We reflect on Family Video's Maybe This Summer.

A year ago I found an old keyboard on the curb during my walk home from school. I carried it all the way back to my house, put some batteries in it and turned on the synth setting. Mesmerized, I made noise until Mom told me to quit it. I relented but half-heartedly – how could she not see the magic in what I was doing? The third full-length from Newfoundland's Family Video, which will be released by GoldFlake Tapes on September 1st, reminds me of the uncertainty I felt while experimenting with that curbside find, but the total enjoyment of it too.

Drawing equal influence from synth pop and emo, Maybe This Summer is an album with a whole lot of emotions. There's the feeling of vulnerability as you're trapped inside of a small town and being scared that an anonymous she doesn't love you back. Surrounded by lo-fi guitar, sparse drums and rolling bass lines, the talk-sing vocals relay stream-of-consciousness lyrics with a lack of a chorus on many of the songs. But this style is what makes Maybe This Summer so compelling – that there's no need to having things so defined. After all, a line in the title track states, “It's not a plan / And maybe that's okay”. It's phrases like this that make it hard to distinguish who Jam, the vocalist and head of Family Video, is addressing at times. Perhaps they are navigating their own experiences, but they could just as easily be describing yours. Although it's about to come to a close, maybe this summer you'll find out.


Listen to Family Video on bandcamp.

Alanna Yaraskavitch, a 2nd year journalism student at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. When not photocopying the latest issue of her perzine, Alanna also writes about music for Weird Canada and Razorcake. Give her a holler on Tumblr or Twitter.