August 12, 2014

LP: Cyberbully Mom Club - outdoor activities

Cyberbully Mom Club takes on drunk texting and odes to frozen yogurt.

“People just make my head feel wired / I’m always stressing about what to say,” so goes the closing thoughts of “u make me want to listen” from Cyberbully Mom Club’s outdoor activities. Many of the feelings and thoughts disclosed on the band’s latest album read like a blunt and guileless journal from your youth. There are no filler phrases – these emotions are conveyed in their most raw, generous states, undoubtedly those that paint the most familiar picture.

Take “drunk text romance”, a song that is about, as the title would suggest, drunk texting. “Just bike home and go to sleep 'cuz that'd be cool and safe / Text me in the morning, though, or whatever.” The song is an epic battle of exposing too much and being too honest about the undeniable thought bubbles that float in your heart. The release continues in this struggle of over-sharing with a wall quickly raised and then paved with attitude. The sincerity with which Shari Heck of Cyberbully Mom Club delivers every line proves all the more powerful than any devices used to compensate. If nothing else, these slights like, “I got back my head / Guess I grew up a bit / Forgot what I saw in you just / Wish I could press undo,” make the songs all the more vulnerable. And then with sweet lines like, “Look towards the brighter side of this on-going company of miles / and I will smile”. Even an ode to frozen yogurt written by eight-year-old Ariana converses with a listener as closely and comfortably as ever, with an ever-appropriate sense of humor. outdoor activities fittingly ends with a question about how to communicate even the most endearing of sentiments, entitled “how do you tell a girl you really like her eyes?” “But with you, my words have a place to stay / and yours can stay with me,” closes “u make me want to listen.” And how lucky we are these words were shared with us so candidly.


Listen to Cyberbully Mom Club on bandcamp.

Jeanette Wall, a Libra who watches My So-Called Life, idolizes Cyndi Lauper, and eats mac 'n' cheese. She runs a music zine and writes about music and comedy. She lives with a cat in Brooklyn.