August 26, 2014

LP: Allison Crutchfield - Lean In To It

Allison Crutchfield gives us a collection of lovely pop songs on her solo debut.

Swearin's Allison Crutchfield recently posted online a shining record of solo songs titled Lean In To It. These songs maintain the heart-wrenching truths that she sings about in other bands, but they take on different shapes. They are just as precise with their emotional assessments, but these particular lyrics seem to create a map of feelings and love lost. Each song marks a new place that Allison revisits with grace but a cutting sincerity. From Los Angeles to Berlin, these meditations on the different kinds of past relationship seem to appear all over the world. Space and time exist in love to teach us lessons the hard way. “You only like me because I am never around,” she sings, “And I always miss you cuz I'm always out of town.” And whether it’s been “so cold for so long now” or the heat in LA may be something you work through, these environments paint a story of the most tedious heartbreaks.

She weaves these sentiments between only a drum machine and plunking set of casio keys. Sam Cook-Parrott of Radiator Hospital also often accompanies her on this release, responding to her calls on select tracks. To be honest, Allison Crutchfield could sing about putting about condiments on a cheeseburger and the pangs in my heart would be as vicious as anything else. Her voice alone captures all the little droplets of passion on nearly any leaf, then outlines, bolds, and embosses every ounce of honesty in her words. Lean In To It is a strong outline of the past, carving out a path of the different personalities that have morphed naturally in the wake of love. She proves that we leave breadcrumbs for ourselves even if they’re just cities on an atlas that relentlessly jog our memory, to keep those loves and lessons in the corners of our minds. On “Rose Knows,” Allison sings “When we're old we won't remember what our story was or what we felt for each other, leave it alone” and Sam responds, “my memory will submerge me, in a reel spinning times I was muddled by you.” But every time you’re muddled, you come out a little clearer on the other side.


Listen to Allison Crutchfield on bandcamp.

Jeanette Wall, a Libra who watches My So-Called Life, idolizes Cyndi Lauper, and eats mac 'n' cheese. She runs a music zine and writes about music and comedy. She lives with a cat in Brooklyn.