August 7, 2014

EP: dear - dear EP

Enter one girl from Louisiana's dreamworld otherwise known as Dear.

I remember summers forever ago by the Rappahannock River out in middle of nowhere Virginia. We drove past fields of sunflowers to get there, then we swam for hours in salt water and picked sour cherries and tie­-dyed our T­shirts. Perhaps deep down we knew that by waking up morning after morning washed in pink light, we could learn the trick to suspending time. Perhaps that's why we kept coming back.

I know two things about Dear. One, she likes aliens and music. And two, she lives in Louisiana. I know one thing about her eponymous EP. It's about "summer, comfort, decay, and growth". I can't help but guess that she might also live by a river, or at least that she's inspired by a river because I feel one running through all five of her songs. Or, at least I feel the vibes. I feel it in the harmonies of "beach" and "beach part 2." Dear's voice floats with the same kind of levity and romance as a weekend spent somewhere far away from everything. Delicate, yet assured, and delighted by such wide open days. I feel it in the poetry of the first song, "everything": "flowers will grow from our pores / in the wind mine will blow and so will yours". I love her sense of imagination, and how she transforms the pastoral to make it surreal. It's the feeling of discovering a wonderful world that nobody else will ever completely know. Dear hints at her world beautifully and I can't wait to hear what else she shares.

Listen to Dear on bandcamp.

Caroline Rayner, who likes getting tattoos and cutting up old magazines and driving long distances and baking cookies. She also writes things for Tiny Mix Tapes and, when she remembers, her blog.