July 29, 2014

Monday Mix: Shit Happens

It's... whatever.

About two weeks ago I went through one of the bigger reality checks I've experienced in a very long while. The house I moved into in Philadelphia (which was very very cheap and now I sorta understand why) was broken into and everything valuable to me was stolen. The new guitar I just bought for tour, all my other music gear and equipment, my unpassword protected laptop with all my photographs, artwork, demos for my solo record, itunes library, and photos of my breasts from the past 4 years, also the hard drive that had the backup of the aforementioned laptop, my bicycle, jewelry, my Dreamcast and other video games, and my oreo cookies (obviously not a valuable but I only mention it to illustrate how fucking robbed I was).

At first I was shocked and sad and did what most people would do when they are struck by something that feels traumatic. I drank heavily, forgot it happened and had fun but then ultimately cried and broke/threw some shit in a 5am temper tantrum. The next morning when I woke up I decided that I could either spiral down into an angry shell who thinks the world is out to get her or I could refuse to look back and learn what I could do to lessen the blow should this ever happen again. First thing, I called up Geico and bought myself some renters insurance (which, it turns out is extremely cheap dammit) and started looking for a better, but not necessarily cheapest, living situation. New friends in Philadelphia who heard what happened offered to lend me their laptops,  guitars for tour, and shoulders for emotional support and made me realize that shitty circumstances don't define your life or the people around you. When shit happens, people reveal their natures to you and I'm happy to know that I'm surrounded by some really good people in this new city.  I am choosing to learn from this experience and not have it bring me down and that's the silver lining of it all.

1. "The Woman That Loves You" - Japanese Breakfast
2. "Clean" - Charly Bliss
3. "Newo" - Advaeta
4. "Advant Gardener" - Courtney Barnett
5. "(I'd Rather Be) Anywhere But Here" - Honeyblood
6. "Sweet Ride" - Tanya Donelly
7. "Ridge" - Liz Hogg
8. "French Navy"" - Camera Obscura
9. "Silver Lining" - Rilo Kiley

Written by Marisa Dabice