July 21, 2014

Monday Mix: Secret Sounds Pt. III

Secret sounds – part three! 

In the past, Diana's made a point to include a "Secret Sounds" mix every so often to highlight music that might get overlooked in the vast black hole of the Internet. I decided to take a crack at making my own secret sounds mix so you can get an ~insider look~ at my iTunes library. These are the songs from bands I found just a little too late to cover, were recommendations from friends before we even started the blog, and random side projects that never lasted past one EP. There's the trippy electronica of up-and-coming Hannah Diamond to Terrier, a Spanish band I found on a compilation that came out earlier this year. There's indie pop, garage rock, old songs, new songs, and more – it basically represents my kind of scatterbrained taste. Check out my secrets before they get out.

1. "Drive Me Mad" - Blizzard Babies
2. "Cuddles (Theme)" - Cuddles
3. "Heroe de Sangre" - Terrier
4. "spoiled bitch" - slut mom
5. "Feelings" - Bad Girlfriend
6. "Dreamin'/Wonderin'" - Tonopah
7. "Junkie" - NANCY
8. "Slept in Late" - Wimps
9. "Pink and Blue" - Hannah Diamond
10. "Shadows in the Halls" - Terror Bird
11. "Helena" - The Blue Minkies
12. "teen fiction" - nice try
13. "Hard on You" - Sheer Mag
14. "flower songs" - noel thrasher
15. "Haunted Beach" - mindtroll

Written by Emily Thompson