July 7, 2014

Monday Mix: Portals

This Monday's mix brought to you by the Portals crew.

Portals is one our favorite resources for independent music and culture. And as you might've heard, they are launching their Living Spaces traveling showcase this week and we were invited to curate the first installation of the series. With the help of our selected artists Maggie Dunlap and India K., we are certain that it is going to be a total dream. If you're located in NYC/Brooklyn, be sure to stop by The Silent Barn this Friday for a wonderful show and installation to match. Event details can be found here.

Portals on their Monday Mix:
"Portals is an online and physical community experimenting with ways in which we can broaden the frontiers of independent music and its surrounding culture. Our online and offline explorations pursue this initiative. Furthermore, we seek to foster a community of artists and audiences centered around values of personal inquiry and collaborative response. This mix – curated by Portals' George Awwad – highlights some of the most gifted women in independent music today."

Written by Diana Cirullo