July 29, 2014

LP: TeeTahs - Buzzkill

Can't we just have fun forever?

Canada is something of a mystery to me, despite having been there a handful of times. I know that they embrace maple, have seemingly good politics, have lots of weed and WEED the band, and often make it difficult for musicians to cross the border. I know that I once got my car broken into outside of the Vancouver aquarium and my credit card (that my dad gave me only for emergencies!!) was used to purchase $3,000 lumber for which I can only hope/assume was used to produce a log cabin. And now I know they have TeeTahs.

Alberta-based garage outfit TeeTah’s first LP, Buzzkill, straight up rules. With single “Fun Forever”, vocalist Caity Fisher nonchalantly delivers, “kicking cans and breaking stuff / fucking guys in parking lots / I don’t really give a fuck / I just wanna have fun forever” among catchy and restrained surfy guitar lines. “Slime” feels like a drunken fever, with distended vocals, lethargic beats, and heavy bass spats. At their best on “Okee Dokee,” TeeTahs take on a new wave riff and monotone yell “Everyone’s insane / Everyone go insane” that sounds like some lost Lilliput track. And so crucially, TeeTah’s fulfills one of my favorite qualities in music: the ability to be listened to without an immediate sense of when it was created. In that same vein, Buzzkill feels like that thing you’ve been listening to your whole life that no one ever made until now. And it’s better than you could’ve even imagined. It pivots from post-punk to garage and back again in a nearly undetectable fashion. It’s brash with a take-no-prisoners attitude and ultimately fills you with a reckless summertime swagger. Did I mention that it starts with a track entitled “Slutfucker,” and ends with, “Dick in Heart”? TeeTahs laugh in the face of being taken seriously and scoff at being told what to do. Can’t we all just have fun forever?


Madeline Meyer, a Los Angeles transport to Philadelphia. She writes screenplays and plays guitar and sings in Littler. Her favorite things are olives, board games, and dad jokes.