July 22, 2014

EP: Nine of Swords - i can't stand my own face

Nine of Swords is your awkward-middle-school-angst savior.

Have you ever made a decision that you know is going to end up being awful in the end, but you do it anyway? These lyrics from Nine of Swords' newest release perfectly embodies that feeling: "It's the last thing I want but the first thing I take / you make me so sick I can't stand my own face". I'm reminded of being in middle school, doing things that everyone else was doing but secretly hating everyone and myself for it. I wish this song was around in 2006 to save me from those awkward pre-teen decisions – I probably would have learned a lot from this album back then.

Nine of Swords makes the kind of music that I want to listen to while watching rain pour outside my window as I hide underneath the covers of my bed, listening to cracks of thunder interrupting each song. It perfectly expresses the way that I, and many others tend to feel, even if I can't scream my emotions as well as lead singer Rachel Gordon does. Nothing says 'I am not going to deal with your shit' quite as well as yelling the lyrics to "Two Step": "You can tell me what you want but I owe you nothing" over and over. Each song is full of powerful lyrics that stand out against the hardcore instrumentals. i can't stand my own face is a perfect sequel to Nine of Swords' 2013 self-titled debut. The lyrics off my favorite song "Watch", "How many times? every time, every fucking time", echo in my head for the rest of the song, reminding me of the never ending cycle of getting caught in an endless loop of shitty situations that I find myself in all the time. I guess that's where the meaning of the band name comes in – the Nine of Swords tarot card which signifies a persons anxieties and negative feelings. If that doesn't want to make you lay under your covers and listen to the rain, I don't know what would.


Listen to Nine of Swords on bandcamp.

Nina Braca, a sophomore journalism student at SUNY Purchase. She likes to write, eat cereal, and hopes to one day achieve her dream of owning a bunny. Talk to her on twitter.