July 1, 2014

EP: Florist - 6 Days of Songs

Florist is the pale pink band-aid that will hold together your heart when it’s falling apart.

Picture this: you’re without a place to stay in New York. You’re cold, shaking, and standing by the side of the road. Your thumb is stuck out. A pair of yellow headlights make their way around the corner. A girl with a bowl cut and a neck brace pulls over. This girl is Emily Sprague. You stay with her for six days. Over the course of these six days, Emily writes six songs for the song-a-day project she’s working on with Small Wonder, Japanese Breakfast, Eskimeaux, and Frankie Cosmos. When you get home from your trip to N.Y., you dump your luggage all over the floor, frantically log onto your computer, and breathe a sigh of relief – those six songs you haven’t been able to shake since you left are right there in the nook of Emily’s bandcamp page under her pseudonym Florist.

6 Days of Songs is Florist’s first release since Emily recovered from a major accident that left her unable to play guitar these past few months. Consequently, this EP is strung together with gentle guitars and a humbling lo-fi smile that radiates her recovery. Florist’s tones may be faint and fragile, but her words are what keep up feelings that will stain you forever: “Please come quick I stuck my head in the banister again / I just wanted to know what it would feel like / with one part of my body alive”. Everything Emily sputters out feels like running your fingertips across a healed over scab you had tucked away beneath layers and layers of skin. The sentiment behind her voice and the lyrics that accompany it allows us the quickest glimpse into what we can only imagine she felt during her months without the vent of music; a glimpse similar to spending six days on her couch. So maybe you didn’t really stay with Emily those six days in New York that I dreamed up earlier. Either way, hearing this EP close at its end is like getting shaken awake after a lengthy nap on the world’s comfiest couch; when that last song cuts to silence, your eyelids will be fluttering open to be greeted by a whole lot of warmth and a whole lot of feelings. Make it a fair trade with Florist, and return the favor for the six days spent under her roof – listen to 6 Days of Songs while you bake some cinnamon muffins tonight to leave on her doorstep tomorrow morning. No thank you note necessary; she’ll just know.


Listen to Florist on bandcamp.

Madalyn Trewin, a scrawny Australian teenager, who is feeding her obsession with dogs, David Lynch and Daniel Johnston twenty-four hours a day. If not that, she's writing about things she likes and saturating her friends in glitter so she can take photos of them to post onto her blog.