June 5, 2014

Stream: Free Cake For Every Creature - Pretty Good

Stream Free Cake For Every Creature's new album, Pretty Good.

People often exaggerate that a song is LITERALLY about their life. But when I first heard Free Cake for Every Creature's young professional and shitty beginnings last fall, it really felt like Free Cake's Katie Bennett was describing exactly what I was going through at that very moment in time. It was probably because like myself, Katie had just graduated college and was also trying to navigate the weirdness of post-grad life. In "too young to be a punk rock prodigy", Katie jokes about feeling both too young and old than her actual age (22), which was a feeling I was all too familiar with. But even if you aren't a post-grad and figuring out what the fuck to do with your life, the feelings that Katie conveys over her guitar and the occasional hand clap or whistle are universal – grappling with new feelings for someone, trying to be happy, and fading friendships.

It's been almost a whole year since we discovered Katie's music, so we were stoked to find out she was releasing her latest cassette through our friends over at Double Double Whammy. Pretty Good includes many re-recordings of old Free Cake songs but with the addition of a full band. Songs like "Don't Go Away Ahumfp Acgroomf" and "Can't Sleep, Still Daydream", are morphed into hazy, jangly tunes that add a new breath to Katie's music. We'll forever love the intimate, hushed pop of Free Cake but we're just as stoked on the new direction the band is moving in. Check out below for the full stream of Pretty Good and pick up the cassette from DDW.


Pre-order the cassette from Double Double Whammy.

Written by Emily Thompson