June 24, 2014

Monday Mix: The Pulp Girls

Get in trouble with The Pulp Girls.

If you're not familiar with The Pulp Zine, it's an ultra cool mag run by teenage girls that covers all interests. That means visual arts, activism, style, creative writing, and more are touched upon by The Pulp Girls. The self-published journal has been a Le Sigh favorite for a while now, not to mention a great resource for discovering the coolest arts and culture that might not yet be on your radar. Now that it's finally summer, we thought it would be fitting to ask our friends at the zine to curate one of our weekly mixes. The girls did not let us down – this mix will be your summer bible and hopefully more. So put on your red lipstick, heart shaped sunglasses, and enjoy.

The Pulp Girls on their Monday mix:

"The Pulp Zine was created for music, fashion, and art lovers by a team of ultra talented, diverse babes from around the globe. We post articles daily, with a focus on girl power, great tunes, and awe-inspiring art. Recurring features include The Bus, an exploration of new music, Dedicated Follower of Fashion, a piece inspired by fashion in films and television, and interviews with up-and-coming musicians and designers. This playlist was a collaborative effort by a bunch of Pulp Babes, packed with songs you should listen to while getting into all the best kinds of female trouble!"

Written by Diana Cirullo