June 2, 2014

Monday Mix: Odd Castles

Odd Castles' shares their lifted or eternally in dreams mixtape with us.

It wasn't until recently that I became acquainted with Odd Castles, the personal blog-turned-label of Portals' writer George Awwad. His first compilation those who were friends are now fam is a culmination of new and old tracks; including many artists we've previously featured on our site: RL Kelly, SALES, Emily Reo, Yohuna, and more. Good compilations are hard to come by, and this one in particular plays like a seamless mixtape where each song builds upon the last making the collection feel cozy and complete. Today we are extremely excited to share a mix that George made for us that highlights some of his favorite female-identifying artists at the moment.

George Awwad on Odd Castles' Monday Mix:
"Over the past year or so, I've slowly been coming across songs featuring lots of very talented ladies on Soundcloud, so when The Le Sigh asked me to put together a mix for them, I couldn't have been more excited to share some of my recent fave women in music. Most of the time when I start a new mix, I build them around one or two songs that I obsess over for a few days and for this one, I was hooked on LovelySummer's "はじめまして" (Nice to Meet You) and a few other j-pop cuts. I honestly considered making this an exclusively j-pop mix, but I ended up reconsidering because I just have too many favorite women making music right now. I'm always especially excited to find female artists who take complete control over their production like the way Et Aliae and Yeule write their songs, but I'm also often captivated from vocal arrangements on their own. This mix basically features women at every level of a song's production process and I hope these tunes captivate you the same way they've immortalized my recent nights this past week. I have nothing but eternal love for the Le Sigh and what they do and for simply giving me the opportunity to share this mix."

1. Miho Tsujibayashi - "Sourire"
2. Ulzzang Pistol - "Hatsukoi" (ft. Yikii闇童話)
3. LovelySummer - "はじめまして" (Nice to Meet You)
4. nancy leticia - "i will never dance again"
5. Atlas Lynch - "Jus U Please" (ft. Leia)
6. Et Aliae - "White Light"
7. Dom Sebastian - "Drift" (ft. Lyja)
8. Senshi1992 - "girls"
9. Λ N N Λ - "SΛYU"
10. Yeule - "Thoughts"
11. jj - "all white everything"
12. Neko-ko - "日々のあわ" (Day to Day)
13.Leaseka / Yuuri - "雫" (Drop)
14. grace cruz - "yourself first"
15. Smith Motegi モテギスミス - "電腦" (Den)

Written by Diana Cirullo