June 16, 2014

Monday Mix: The Epoch

Welcome to The Epoch family.  

One of the best parts of organizing Monday Mixes for THE LE SIGH is being able to discover emerging labels, collectives, and bands. This week's Monday Mix was curated by the kind folks over at The Epoch, a group that produces some of the strongest music and art around. My first introduction to The Epoch was through Oliver Kalb and Felix Walworth. Their bands Bellows and Told Slant performed regularly at our college, and after they graduated I lived in their old house. In the past year since Oliver and Felix have planted themselves back in Brooklyn, The Epoch has continued to expand.

The Epoch describes itself as "a community of musicians, writers, visual artists, filmmakers, and more. We were grown together, and are growing still." This last sentence could not be more true. These people are constantly creating art. Go to a show in Brooklyn on a weekend and chances are an Epoch-associated act will be playing. Scroll through your Tumblr dashboard and odds are that you will come across an Epoch band or two. These magical people include but are not limited to Bellows, eskimeaux, Florist, Small Wonder, Yours Are the Only Ears, Told Slant, Sharpless, Haunted America, Maxo, and Lamniformes. The Epoch has captured our hearts while constantly reminding us that the world is beautiful.

Oliver Kalb on The Epoch's Monday Mix:

The Epoch is a collective of songwriters based in Brooklyn, NY. Founded in high school by a very tight-knit group of friends, the collective found camaraderie in songs that were honest and unwithholding. Seeing songwriting as a craft worth honing and discussing at length, the group of teenage best friends began using the name The Epoch as a collective moniker, driven by the open ended mantra "The Epoch is Now": a present-minded attitude towards art, in which the daunting and alienating world of indie rock loses power and is replaced by a value for community and friends. The Epoch's songs are written mostly with other Epoch members in mind (rather than current trends in indie music) and The Epoch nurtures a micro-culture that is constantly growing and changing, but remains consistent in each member's devotion to the collective and to songwriting as an art form.

The Epoch's mix for the Le Sigh is a group of songs by like-minded artists (some Epoch members, but mostly just friends and bands we admire) that are our peers in the big DIY world. Showcasing female-fronted bands that we've become close with over the years, the mix tries to demonstrate the breadth of songwriting and noise-making that's been impressive and relatable to us in the past year, and to share some overlooked bands with the Le Sigh's readers. 

1. "1914" - Florist
2. "Well" - eskimeaux
3. "My Only Moon" - Yours Are the Only Ears
4. "First Love / Late Spring" - Mitski
5. "Hates the Party" - Long Beard
6. "When I Come" - Palberta
7. "Always Mad" - Baby Mollusk
8. "Empire" - Jawbreaker Reunion
9. "It Doesn't Matter" - Hand Habits
10. "To Old To Be a Punk Rock Prodigy" - free cake for every creature
11. "Felt So Tired" - Fun Home
12. "O.K." - Whatever, Dad
13. "Spell" - Emily Reo

Album art by Susannah Cutler

Written by Quinn Moreland