June 19, 2014

EP: Lisa Prank - Crush on the World

Why can't we just dance?

Let me first say, Lisa Prank is an ace band name. Cleverly titled after our favorite maker of cosmic animal stickers, Robin Edwards' one-woman project has enough energy that you'd think she had a full band backing her up. Her debut tape Crush on the World is everything you'd expect (and more) from its bubblegum pink cover decked out with heart cutouts. The five, short cotton-candy covered tracks are pure pop with punk lyrics so catchy that they could rival a band like The Ramones.

"You always say the stupidest things." Robin packs a punch in each track but especially "Baby Let Me Write Yr Lines," by far the loudest and fastest on the cassette. The mechanical hum of the drum machine paired with surfy guitar riffs and lo-fi vocals make for an insanely fun song to have a solo dance party to in your bedroom. In fact, most of the jangly tunes on this album are 200% bop-able but it isn't until you pay close attention to the words that you'll learn that even love is a struggle for someone as seemingly optimistic as Robin. "I don't wanna think / I don't wanna fight / I don't wanna have this stupid talk again tonight." We've all been in not-so-great relationships, but Lisa Prank takes those struggles and transforms them into something kind of sweet.


Listen to Lisa Prank on bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo