May 28, 2014

Zine: The Past Two Years
Go on, judge Fiona Avocado's zines by the covers.

You're always told not to judge a book by its cover. But what about zines? The aesthetically pleasing is what often leads me to my new and favorite self-published reads, so when I came across the lovely screen printed cover of Fiona Avocado's The Past Two Years at the Chicago Zine Fest this past March, I picked it up and adored what was both inside and out.

The Past Two Years is a comic about falling in and out of love and knowing that, no matter what side you come out on, things will be okay. It's about re-configuring, getting by, and having hope even when it seems lost. Fiona's comics are realistic with moments of fantasy and cerebral quietness. Some of my favorite moments occur when there is no dialogue, when all the feelings are exuded through the characters' facial expressions, or inanimate objects and nature. Fiona's comic style, with lots of fine lines and dark spaces, lends well to a wordless moment. The stories are realistic and strange, navigating old and new relationships without perfect or obvious endings. You know, just like life.

Buy your own copy of The Past Two Years here.

Written by Cynthia Schemmer