May 28, 2014

Project: The Haven
Sacred spaces revealed.

If asked, "where do you feel safest? Where can you be yourself? Where is your haven?" the most natural response is probably your bedroom. Bedrooms are those places behind closed doors where we can post whatever we want on the walls, indulge in Pearl Jam obsessions that no one seems to understand, or try that new shade of wildly vibrant lipstick you absolutely know is going to work but you'd rather not try it in public just yet. We know what our own bedrooms look like, and know why they make us feel safe. But what about everyone else? What do theirs look like?

The Haven Project takes us inside the safe zones of others, to one of the most personal spots we can see without cutting someone open: other girls' bedrooms. The project was started by Ana-Maria ("Rie") and Louisa, two friends looking for a creative outlet, whose talents and interests complemented one another. "I’ve always thought bedrooms were a fascinating insight into who a person is," Rie said, "And so I thought it would make a really interesting portrait series." The girls travel from room to room, snapping pictures of the objects, quirk, and inhabitants that give the room its personality. Each photo session is different, as each girl, pop of pink, and horrendously fluffy stuffed animal has a unique story behind it.

In the images, we see everything from vases brimming with flowers, pictures of people you've never met, and figurines, hats, and books you've never seen. But no matter how unfamiliar the objects might seem, it's what they represent that feels familiar. These objects that fill these rooms are manifestations of the person who put them there--that picture frame was made by my best friend, that lamp is crooked because I've dropped it too many times. These things could say, I love and miss my best pal, and yes, I'm a little clumsy sometimes. And at the end of the moment, when you've found yourself at the bottom of the page after having scrolled through countless photos, it's inevitable you'll feel as if you've just made twenty new friends.

Learn more about the Haven Project here.

Written by Molly Morris