May 26, 2014

Monday Mix: Tiger's Blood

All hail Tiger's Blood.

If you are in a band, you need to go down to McAllen, TX. Roughly 4 hours south of Austin, close to the border of Mexico and nestled in the Rio Grande Valley, McAllen is without a doubt one of my favorite cities that I have traveled to on tour. I first went to McAllen last year while playing bass on Colleen Green's tour. The show was the fourth of our tour, and  even though so many others came after it, it's the show that I remember best. As soon as we met Patrick Garcia, the booking mastermind of Tiger's Blood, I had that feeling of: Oh yeah, this guy rules and I just know this show is going to be fun. And I was right! The show was so much fun, everyone was welcoming, the weather was beautiful, the local bands were great – I could go on.

When it was time for MP to go on our first tour in October, I knew I wanted to return to McAllen. We did and it was without a doubt (and once again!) my favorite show of tour. Without sounding too new age-y, there is an energy in McAllen that feels so different than so many other cities in the country. When it came time for this Monday's Mix, I knew Patrick would be the perfect person to curate something excellent. Once again, I feel great in my intuitive nature knowing that I was right.

Patrick Garcia on Tiger's Blood Monday Mix:
"It's very cool to be curating a playlist for the magical space that is The Le Sigh! I've always felt making mixes keeps your sonic soul in check because the end result is almost always an extension of the self, regardless of intent. So here is mine – a grouping of amazing female fronted bands and artists who I have either had the pleasure of working with on a booking level or who have simply been a huge foundation of influence for me. 

I included great bands from Texas like Pinky Swear – currently my favorite band from my home area of the Rio Grande Valley, Mydolls – an excellent, almost forgotten post-punk band out of the 80s, Criaturas – a raw, serrated force of power that features some South Texas by way of Austin transplants, and Deep Time a deliriously complex, yet deceivingly minimal pop band out of Austin that I STILL don't feel gets enough love. In addition to the Texas influence are other personal favorites – young artists, older artists, relatively well known artists. It's all over the map on an aesthetic level: punk, nu-disco, Selena, but all artists on here are denominated by one thing – all are affirmed with greatness. Enjoy!"

1. "Eternal Heartbreak" - Pinky Swear
2. "Asleep" - Makthaverskan
3. "Come On Let's Go" - Broadcast
4. "Why Have We to Wait" - Razika
5. "I Hope You Die" - Molly Nilsson
6. "Como La Flor" - Selena
7. "Social Anxiety" - The Courtneys
8. "Special" - Garbage
9. "Goodbye Horses" - Q Lazzarus
10. "Geto Boys" - Glass Candy
11. "Clouds" - Deep Time
12. "Soldiers of a Pure War" - MyDolls
13. "Impending Doom" - Terrible Feelings
14. "Esperitu de Libertad" - Criaturas
15. "Llorando" - Rebekah Del Rio

Written by Marisa Dabice