May 19, 2014

Monday Mix: Take It Outside

Go and get your Vitamin D.

The last few days I've been able to do something that I haven't done in a while. I actually spent time outisde: on walks and runs, with sister's dog in the park, in the sunshine. I even went out and bought a bathing suit. While I'm not a big fan of walking around with headphones on (call me crazy but I like to plug into my surroundings, not out), I am a HUGE fan of driving around with the windows down, A/C up, and the music blasting at a deafening decibel.

While I've enjoyed and welcomed outdoor excursions, the last two weeks of May are going to be crazy for me because I'm finishing up my job, packing up my possessions, and getting ready to permanently move to Philly in June. Because of this, I've been driving around like crazy trying to get as much done as possible and see as many people before I leave. This is the mix that's been following me around in my car as I take my body on every errand possible and continues to play in my head during those aforementioned, headphone less walks in the sun.

1. "Love Without Lies" - Comet Gain
2. "Sister" - Kate Nash
3. "Plants and Worms" - GIRLPOOL
4. "Heart Stream" - Primes
5. "The Glam" - Sauna
6. "So High" - The Aquadolls
7. "Forget Me" - Summer Twins
8. "Ace of Babes" - Barbariettes
9. "Snake" - Throwing Up
10. "Holiest" - Palehound
11. "Be A Body" - Grimes

Written by Marisa Dabice