May 12, 2014

Monday Mix: Pop Culture Puke

Rachel Davies of Pop Culture Puke shares her favorite female rap tunes.

If you haven't heard of Pop Culture Puke, it's a wonderful blog dedicated to creating a space for teenage expression. PCP is yet another wonderful example of girls mobilizing and using the Internet as a means of expression, discovery, and discussion. The blog's diverse group of contributors has allowed them to cover a wide range of topics from various perspectives and backgrounds. This includes everything from interviews with their favorite people to goofy comfort food recipes. To their credit, each writer has a strong, enjoyable personality that shines in each piece. Reading an article on Pop Culture Puke feels like peering into someone's journal, complete with their tiny doodles and collages.

Maybe you've seen Rachel Davies floating around on twitter or on websites like Sad Girls Guide. Rachel is the founder and editor of Pop Culture Puke, as well as a beloved THE LE SIGH friend, so naturally we invited Rachel to make a Monday Mix for us.

Rachel Davies on Pop Culture Puke's Monday Mix:
"Rap is my favorite genre. I like the quick, clever lyrics along with the engaging beats. Salt 'N' Pepa's lyric "how many rules am I to break before you understand / That your double standards don't mean shit to me?" is one of my favorites. Although I do enjoy the work of many male rappers, most of my favorite rap tracks are by females. Female rappers like Remy Ma and Beyonce inspire confidence by discussing female pride and autonomy. I love how versatile the genre can be, from the smoothness of Kilo Kesh's EP Homeschool to Remy Ma's in-your-face track "Conceited."

1. "Conceited" - Remy Ma
2. "Princess of the Posse" - Queen Latifah
3. "Bring tha Noize" - M.I.A.
4. "New York" - Angel Haze
5. "None of Your Business" - Salt 'N' Pepa
6. "Big Bad Mama" - Foxy Brown
7. "Girl Talk" - TLC
8. "Whip It" - Nicki Minaj
9. "Grown Woman" - Beyonce
10. "Navy" - Kilo Kesh

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Artwork by Brie Moreno

Written by Quinn Moreland