May 5, 2014

Monday Mix: Bust Magazine

Tess Duncan of Bust Magazine shares her favorite girl-powered tunes with us.

If my memory serves me right, and I think it does, I met Tess Duncan in 2011 in Auburn, Alabama. I was on tour playing bass with Colleen Green and we were playing a house show in a garage with Slutever. A few years later I was living in Brooklyn and my band had been asked to play a Bust Magazine issue release party; it was there I saw a girl who I swear I had met before. We re-met and I got the story of what Tess had been up to post-Auburn. Since that night, I've had the pleasure of doing an interview with her for Bust and have kept up with her other interviews with many of our mutual favorite musicians. Tess has done interviews with many of the artists on this mix – all of which are required readings. Never fluff and always interesting, she digs into the music in a way that many music journalists sometimes fail to. She gets her subjects to really open up about the meaning behind their songs and the personal stories which inspired them to become musicians.

One of my favorite interviews I read recently by Tess was for Bust Magazine's ongoing interview series "Rock Dreams." This interview was with Sadie Dupois from Speedy Ortiz, and delved into a myriad of topics, including the first mention of demi-sexuality that I personally have ever seen in an interview. I connected to the feelings Sadie described and had one of the rare moments where you not only find yourself loving the music but connecting to the musician. When Tess agreed to make us this excellent Monday Mix, I knew it would be a great one, and I was right.

Tess Duncan on Bust Magazine's Monday Mix:
"All of the bands I chose for this mix are doing something that I find really rad and different from the rest of the music I'm bombarded with on a daily basis. Whether it's making doo-wop sound tuff, combining '70s and '90s punk into one genre, putting a weird Southern spin on garage-rock or perfecting the art of simplicity with a drum machine, there's a damn good reason to listen to all of these songs. One thing that ties all of them together is that they're female-fronted. I've just always tended to enjoy women's voices more, from Mish Way's ferocious snarl to Bridget Battle's snarky, Tina Lucchesi-ish squeal to Shannon Shaw's tenacious wail. This mix is FFO: melodic punk riffs, staying up too late, heavy bass lines, greasy pizza, really good pop hooks, getting yelled at, and sometimes crying. Hope ya like it!" 

1. "Say No" - Priests
2. "Shot the Beehive" - Ex Cult
3. "Don't Wait Up" - Tweens
4. "Shine Theory" - Speedy Ortiz
5. "Work" - Perfect Pussy
6. "Salesman" - Nots
7. "Pretty Baby" - Heavy Cream
8. "Every Boy Wants A Normal Girl" - Colleen Green
8. "Back From the Moon" - Big Eyes
9. "Clue Juice" - Mannequin Pussy
10. "Sunk" - Hysterics
11. "The Better End" - Potty Mouth
12. "Placer" - Skating Polly
13. "Cry Aye Aye Aye" - Shannon and the Clams
14. "Sleep Creep" - White Lung

Written by Marisa Dabice