May 29, 2014

LP: Burnt Palms - The Girl You Knew

Burnt Palms trade in sunny jams for a darker look at the psyche.

THE LE SIGH loves Burnt Palms. Diana wrote about their self-titled debut LP way back in January 2013, which feels like forever ago. The California-trio next appeared on our first tape compilation. That song, "Open My Eyes," was one of my favorites from the tape and every time I heard it I wished the band would release new tunes. Luckily, my wish has been granted. The Girl You Knew, out on We Were Never Being Boring, is Burnt Palms' sophomore album as a group and we welcome it with open arms (or open eyes, whatever).

The first words on the album suggest the theme of growth that permeates the album, "The other girl you knew / The other girls I was she's gone." While The Girl You Knew retains the surfy summer vibes that recall the band's sunny roots, there are times when this album feels darker. This is particularly noticeable on tracks like "Empty Place" and "Zombie Haze". There is a feeling of loneliness and longing on both songs, but this comes through the most on the aptly named "Isolation". Singer/Guitarist Christina Riley has said that she wrote the song when she was "really low" and had mentally isolated herself from everyone. The song is about "drowning in misery, feeling hopeless, wanting it to go away so bad" and then telling those feelings to fuck off. Unlike my personal favorite musical "fuck you", Riley's "Fuck you, fuck you, I don't want to see you" is an intensely quiet punch. Burnt Palms show considerable growth on The Girl You Knew as they trade fun in the sun for the exploration of the psyche.


Listen to Burnt Palms on bandcamp.

Written by Quinn Moreland