May 27, 2014

EP: The Mouthbreathers - Corrupt the Youth

Kick off summer with Corrupt the Youth.

The Mouthbreathers just released their latest EP, Corrupt the Youth, but it's already creeping into first place on my most played albums of the summer. Even though we have a month until the equinox, I can guarantee that these songs will be stuck in my head until September and I'm not complaining by any means.

One of the greatest things about Corrupt The Youth is that each track is upbeat and energetic, which guarantees you to bask in its sunny, happy jams. It's almost impossible for you to sit and sulk while listening to the EP, but rather it forces you to get up and feel even though things might be kinda weird right now. Corrupt the Youth is the kind of music that you can put on in the background while you are doing mindless web­scrolling, but it ends up taking away your attention from your Tumblr dashboard. "I didn't expect you find you here, like a pair of magic shoes" is my favorite line from "Fancy" that mirrors this scenario. The Mouthbreathers are like my magic pair of shoes that I didn't expect to find, but I'm ecstatic that I did.

The first track, "Born Grown" perfectly sets up the 'cool kids in school' vibe that continue throughout the EP. The track "College Rock" is a standout of the for, with lead singer Lucy Niles shouting "do do do do do do/ listen to the college rock" followed by guitar riffs that sounds like it could be the background music for a dated but still awesome nineties commercial. It makes me want a life that embodies the entire song, "There was nothing much to do, so we went back to your bedroom and listened to some college rock".  I'm starting to feel nostalgic about college even though I am still in school. Maybe that is the youth that is being' corrupted': being unsure of whats its like to live in the 'real world' while no longer living in the comfort of our parent's house, which brings many of us to the in between youth and adult limbo-­like state. And maybe thats the overarching theme of Corrupt The Youth that everyone can relate too: that feeling that you are missing something, although its not necessarily a bad thing. And if listening to The Mouthbreathers is what I've been missing, then I will gladly make up for lost time.


Listen to The Mouthbreathers on bandcamp.

Nina Braca, a sophomore journalism student at SUNY Purchase. She likes to write, eat cereal, and hopes to one day achieve her dream of owning a bunny. Talk to her on twitter.