May 13, 2014

EP: Leggy - Cavity Castle

Cavity Castle: short, sweet, and we're already craving more.

Leggy's 11-minute debut EP is a sugar rush, which is fitting as it's titled Cavity Castle and the lead track is "Sweet Teeth." The trio of "indie punk pop-tarts" formed in Cincinnati early fall last year, and already their sound and style are solid and in sync, and they've secured a local residency. Leggy are buds with THE LE SIGH favorite Tweens, and like them, Leggy's lo-fi pop is confident and flirty with lots of girly attitude (the similarities are not surprise considering Tweens' drummer Jerri Queen, also of Vacation, produced the EP with John Hoffman of Sleeves).

Cavity Castle is short and sweet, and an ace introduction. Leggy can write a hell of a pop song; I can't remember a moment when "Sweet Teeth" wasn't playing in my head this week. The melodies and singer/guitarist Véronique Allaer's voice push and pull through the hooks and bass and drum breakdowns (played by Kerstin Bladh and Christopher Campbell, respectively) right into your brain. The lyrics easily find their way in your head and are fun to sing back in Allaer's sweet tone: "Twist and turn me like a pin screw / 'Cause you know I got these baby blues for you" (And I don't even have blue eyes!). The less upbeat songs aren't as immediately infectious, but Leggy uses the opportunity to play around with the ebb and flow even more, which pays off. Closing track "Alexander" toys most with the syncopation, until it just stops, leaving you wanting. Also, is anyone immune to a Grease reference, because I'm definitely not: "By the end of the party / You'll be Danny, I'll be Sandy" on "Sweet Teeth." Cavity Castle's vintage prom queen cover art highlights Leggy's old school call back. The Grease shout out is only the most obviously instance of Pink Lady vibes, plus, "I feel like I'm still a Catholic school girl / Tracing the lines on my small, sweaty palms" on "Sky Blue." (The prom queen theme reaches a little further when you catch Allaer's cameo as the queen of Tweens' prom for their "Forever" video.) After the sugar high of Cavity Castle fades, Leggy's debut feels almost too quick, like the sad realization that you've just finished the bag of Reese's Pieces. And we're already craving more –  Leggy, that is, and now chocolate, too.


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Marissa Cetin is a writer from Long Island, NY. Her hobbies include dancing to Donna Summer and DFA Records, eating whole wheat bagels and coming up with new abbreves. She also blabs about music on Twitter and Tumblr.