May 6, 2014

EP: Fleabite - Over It

Fleabite may be Over It but our love for them is just beginning.

Have you ever had a fleabite? I have. And not from a cute pup – from a couch during the first week of college. My finger swelled to twice its size and it was pretty gross. But unlike a real fleabite, the only aggravating thing about the Boston punk band of the same name is that their music is infective. Fleabite is Ali, Vicky, and Chelsea, and they really rule, I promise you. If the bandcamp description of their debut album, Over It, does not entice you, you are a lost cause: "Six songs of fuzzy pop about drinking and exes and cats."

Over It is an album that completely encapsulates being young and being over it but also being into everything and everyone all at once. I was boppin' my head to the first two tracks, but when I heard the guitar intro of "Last Call," my ears perked up. "Last Call" is a song about irresponsible choices, getting drunk, and smoking weed with your pals, which are all things I have done with various results. The repetition of the harsh guitar only emphasizes a feeling of dizziness, but maybe that was just me banging my head around too much. The following song, "Shitty Beau," is a biting ode to anyone who has broken your heart, but ESPECIALLY boys in bands, who are the worst (sorry but I don't want to hear about your band). The lyrics "You were on tour / And you broke my heart / And I fucking hate you / So I'm gonna tear you apart / I want you to know you were a shitty beau to me" are so real. The tone is teasing and coy yet assertive, saying, turning a crappy experience into something empowering. The line "I want you to know this hurt a long time ago / But now you mean nothing to me" is like the ultimate victory cry defying heartbreak. "Cattitude" is sung from the point of view of a really chill, Garfield-like cat who is rolling its eyes at us stressed-out humans and our stupid kitten Instagrams. The final track, "Maybe Call Me," perfectly summarizes how I have been feeling for the past few months. Over It was just released on PINK tape by Puzzle Pieces Records – get yours while you can. 


Listen to Fleabite on bandcamp.

Written by Quinn Moreland