May 15, 2014


Enter the beach party of your dreams.

BOYTOY describes themselves as "the love child of three dinguses from the same stardust." And if that doesn't cast the most endearingly accurate image of the Boston-meets-Brooklyn trio, then I'm not sure what else will. The band's self-titled debut would've been perfect in one of those 90's movies; more specifically the scene where a group of rebellious denim-clad teens get drunk and make out on the beach. Instead it will (hopefully) be the soundtrack to our summer as we wreak havoc in our own ways.

"Helluva Party" opens the album with a stoned, angsty, and "what-fucking-ever" attitude. BOYTOY is about planning to have no plans, which is clear from the first hazy thirty seconds of the album. Throughout most of it, you'll find yourself asking – where am I? Only to lift your sunglasses for a split second and discover that you're eating a Rainbow Pop on a boardwalk with your sister and her cool older friends. One of those very moments happens in "Shallow Town," a flirty punk track about crushin' hard and trying to impress someone. The lyrics come at us full-speed and by the time the chorus "Guess I'll be seeing you around" cuts in, dancing is pretty much a listener's only option. You'll be so tired out from moving that by the time "Blazed" comes on, you'll want to climb onto your rooftop, light a joint, and zone out to its fuzzy goodness. "Shark in the Sun," last track on the album, will make you feel a similar way and is the perfect ending to this strung-out album with the line "Party 'til we're done."


Listen to BOYTOY on bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo