April 28, 2014

Monday Mix: Girl Gang

True life: I was in an early 2000's girl gang.

Years before Rookie wrote tutorials on how to make matching denim jackets for your girl gang (which I sincerely wish had been around when I was that age), I was in my own teenage girl gang where the denim jackets were less punk and more puffy vests from the little Boys section of Gap Kids. It was the early 2000's and we were called The Core. We were both inseparable and easily identifiable – with our aforementioned matching puffy vests, thrifted little boys shirts, the faint smell of weed and Birkenstocks. It was the early 2000's and in a sea of J.Crew and Abercrombie & Fitch, we stood out like bright stoned stars in the halls of our high school. I felt proud to be friends with these girls. We may have all dressed alike, a characteristic of the "girl gang," but we were different from everyone else and to me, that felt like the coolest thing in the world. The six of us were inseparable, eating lunch together everyday at school and going to every party together on the weekend or hanging out at our ultimate hangout: The Shack (a refurbished pool shack at our friend Basil's house that we spent upwards of thousands of hours at throughout high-school). The Shack is where I grew up and The Core were the girls that shaped me.

We weren't just stoners though, we were fascinated by the world, man. These were the girls who, knowingly or not, introduced me to feminism and activism, who were involved with Women's Issues Group and environmentalism. These were the girls who you could call to take you to Planned Parenthood when your boyfriends condom broke. These were the girls who would stay up with you all night, looking at the stars through the sunroof of the car, smoking weed, and telling secrets. These were the girls who you were sure would one day rule the world.

After high school, we were spread out from coast to coast and kept in touch with varying levels of success. Remarkably, in the last few years I feel like some of us have grown even closer Рthat familiar and admittedly clich̩ feeling of not speaking for ages and then picking up again like no time at all has passed. This summer I'm going to one of the original Core girls' bachelorette party and I'm tempted to wear my old puffy vest to the party. Who knows? Maybe I'll even wear it to the wedding.

1. "Coast to Coast" - Waxahatchee
2. "Raincheck" - Marge
3. "My Heart Is A Lonely Hunter" - The Pretty Greens
4. "Everywhere I Go" - The Muffs
5. ""Cherry Bomb" - The Runaways
6. "Romanticise" - Chela
7.  "Green One" - Colleen Green
8. "Rebel Girl" - Bikini Kill
9. "OK OK OK?" - Hand Cream
10. "Candice Sells Out And Tries To Move To Brooklyn" - Omar
11. "7:30 AM" Slothrust
12. "Shark In The Sun" - Boytoy

Written by Marisa Dabice