April 7, 2014

Monday Mix: The Chris Gethard Show

Take a ride with the weirdest show we know.

The Chris Gethard Show, for the uninitiated, is a weekly cable access show that is self-described as the "the most bizarre and often saddest talk show in New York City." I, myself, was extremely late to the game and saw my first episode of TCGS in the flesh last summer. After a NYPD busted house show/benefit concert for Heidi Vanderlee, my band had been asked to be the musical guest on the show (two things that seem like they don't fit together, but trust me, they do). We were ecstatic. I have a small list of life goals and performing on a cable access show was high up on that short list. When we got to the studio, it was pure chaos. People running around (trying to get the microphones to work both for us and the cast, with no time for a soundcheck) until the very last millisecond that the show went live. The chaos made me feel immediately at home because it felt natural, and had that familiar democratic and DIY feel that I was used to. Since that night in August, I've been an avid watcher, catching up on old episodes and eagerly looking forward to the new ones.

Part of what makes TCGS so special are the weekly musical guests. I have discovered so many incredible artists through the show and know I will continue to with each new episode. The shows three music bookers: Heidi Vanderlee, Kiri Oliver, and Zane Van Dusen have (in my opinion) some of the best taste in music in TV. When I asked Heidi if she would be interested in making this mix, she was immediately enthusiastic and sent out a message to Kiri and Zane to put together a mix of some of the memorable female-fronted acts that have appeared on the show.

Heidi Vanderlee (TCGS Music Booker extraordinaire) on TCGS Monday Mix:

"When I was booking bands for Permanent Wave shows a few year ago, I got a crash course in all the incredible female-identified folks making music in NYC and beyond. I've had the honor of inviting many of them to be part of the endless TV party that is The Chris Gethard Show for the past two years. This mix speaks for itself."


1. "Vacation Jason Theme" - The LLC
2. "Tiny Mussels" - WOJICK
3. "Swagger On" - The Shivering Brigade
4. "Dance Party For 2 (Your Room, 3 A.M.)" - The Unlovables
5. "Psychedelic Queen" - Thundera
6. "Pu$$y Chicken" - Hand Job Academy
7. "Girl Next Door" - Claire's Diary
8. "Chick Habit" - Princess Superstar
9. "Animal" - Clinical Trials
10. "Heaven" - Quitzow
11. "Eyes of God" - Flown
12. "Don't Be Sad" - Kelly Montoya
13. "Swimming" - Pearl and the Beard
14. "Oh Well" - Mindtroll
15. "Runner" - Laura Stevenson
16. "Movin On" - The Suzan
17. "Wurd is Bond" - Bad Credit No Credit
18. "Altitude (This Party Sucks) - Mal Blum
19. "Always Hungry" - Evil Sword
20. "Sneaky" - Mannequin Pussy
21. "Wrecking Ball" - Screaming Females
22. "Something to Believe In" - Leda
23. "You Can't Stop Mimi On The Hoops From Hooping" - The LLC

Check out TCGS here.

Written by Marisa Dabice
Mix Artwork by Phil Romano