April 14, 2014

Monday Mix: Amanda X

Amanda X highlights some of the latest and greatest bands in Philly.

As someone who spent a majority of her life hating her hometown only to eventually realize it's not that bad, I think genuine hometown pride is really cool. The people who know a place best are its inhabitants, those who know that the bacon advertised on the menu is actually vegan, or that literally everything closes at 9:00 pm. These people also know how to step in and defend their city's good name. One of my favorite writers/bosses, Dayna Evans did just that in The Philly Report over at Impose (hey, Dayna's band Manors is on this mix!). The article features short conversations with a wide variety of Philadelphia musicians, artists, and residents (including THE LE SIGH'S own Cynthia Schemmer). One of the musicians proclaiming their Philly pride was Cat Park of Amanda X.

Amanda X is a three-piece garage punk band composed of Cat Park on guitar, Tiff Yoon on drums, and Kat Bean on bass. Their debut EP Ruin the Moment has been one of my go-to listens since it entered my radar last year. Amanda X's rad mix of Philadelphia-based female-fronted bands features some of our old and new favorites.

Cat Park on Amanda X's Monday Mix:

"All of the bands I chose are current Philadelphia female fronted bands. Ten years ago, I don't believe I would have been able to make this list myself. The influx of female musicians is such a positive movements. I cannot express how happy I am to be able to create a list of 12 bands with women in them, and I know I am even unfortunately excluding many. I am really happy that is is becoming less of a shock factor for a woman to shred on guitar. Most of the songs on the mix are available for free download on bandcamp. All the bands I've listed are playing shows coming up, so please check them out soon."

1. "Destruction Song" - No Other
2. "Raincheck" - Marge
3. "Loyalty" - Manors
4. "Candy Bar Overlord" - NONA
5. "Earhorn" - RETREEVERS
6. "Dangerous, But Kinda Flirty" - Cool Points
7. "Gemini Moon" - ThinLips
8. "High Expectations" - All Bad
 9. "Ella" - Cayetana
10. "Tibetan Pop Stars" - Hop Along
11. "Waves" - Ghost Gum
12. "No More Fighting Cats, OK?" - Des Ark

Check out more from Amanda X on their bandcamp.

Written by Quinn Moreland