April 10, 2014

LP: Arm Candy - The Right to Bear Arm Candy

The Right to Bear Arm Candy will freak out even the crustiest of punks.

Last week I started a new job at a comic book warehouse. Instead of having a central sound system, the space has about a dozen iPod docks and CD players scattered around the room so that us workers can choose what we want to listen to as we process shipments. Sadly, I’ve found that my co-workers’ taste in music is very different from my own. One of my co-workers plays Yeezus on loop every day, and the others seem to prefer nothing but screamo and metal. Being new to the warehouse, I was hesitant to expose them to my more or less sad girl iTunes library. But after a few days, I worked up enough courage to put on Coma Cinema’s Posthumous Release as soon as the third Metallica album of the day had come to an end. This will get the crust punks to like me, I thought to myself. The lyrics are dark! Brooding! But it was just too quiet, too delicate for my co-workers’ gunmetal eardrums. If my they weren’t already judging me for my saddle shoes, they were surely judging me for my softy music taste. I have been planning my next album choice very carefully – it will have to be something loud and fast but with enough nuance that I won’t feel like I’m sacrificing my own taste for the sake of the crust punks. Arm Candy, I think, would be perfect for this.

Arm Candy, made up of members Carey Dunne, Nathan Albert, and Kate Meizner, is a Brooklyn-based punk band that recently released their debut album. The Right to Bear Arm Candy, it’s called, a tight and frenzied collection of sonic Fuck You’s. Their songs are short, riff heavy, and angry in all the right ways. Arm Candy’s vocals – from the distorted scream heaven that is “JEANS FASHION PRIEST” to the more softly sung “BRAINFREEZE” and “CHEMICAL WASTE” – fall into a beautiful range of chaos. Their sound is noisy and blithe and heartfelt hardcore. Their cover art features a dinosaur militia. And their last song on the album is a cover of Slant 6’s “What Kind of Monster Are You.” So, I mean, even if I never win over my co-workers’ approval, at least I’ll be left with this gem of punk album to drown out all the bad feels.


Listen to Arm Candy on bandcamp.

Jill Spisak, a college student in Boston who is really a dropout at heart. She lives for that moment between ordering cheese fries and tweeting about how good they were. Basically a dream girl.