April 3, 2014

EP: IAN - Have You Ever Loved Anything This Much?

IAN's new cassette proves that sad songs can be empowering too. 

IAN is a band you can cry to. Over the course of her newest collection Have You Ever Loved Anything This Much?, L.A. via Boston resident Jillian Medford tells stories about the pain and heartache of a relationship. She combines infatuation and regret to make lyrics that read a lot like the candid, unfiltered notes scrawled in a girl’s diary. This confessional style combined with Medford’s lo-fi guitar melodies produces a dreamy bedroom tape sound that can carry a hard edge.

Medford tackles two extremes of hate and acceptance in "born good": "You had all the right intentions / Killing me the way you did/ and I know you were born good / And I won't hold it against you / Cause you're just a kid." The rawness hidden in Medford's lyrics leaves an unavoidable feeling in the pit in your stomach. The first track I heard off this cassette (“If you’re cryin, I’m cryin”) made me feel like I’d written it myself. I became addicted to this song as I listened to it the whole way on the train from D.C. back to Burlington (which is no short trip). What I loved and still find so wonderfully endearing about this track (and others on the cassette) is that while the sadness and remorse are present, IAN coats them in harsher sounds (distorted guitars, ominous reverb) that inspire a feeling of strength and capability – a sort of light at the end of the tunnel – that one day you’ll be okay.


Listen to IAN on bandcamp.

Claire Macon, from Atlanta, Georgia currently a student at the University of Vermont. Her hobbies and interests include Kathleen Hanna, eating tacos, and petting dogs on the street. She also has a Tumblr thats mostly consists of some of her own photos and pictures of flowers.