April 15, 2014

EP: Feral Jenny - Bedrooms

Restlessness, post-grad angst, and bedroom blues –
Feral Jenny explores all of the above.

Being at home, like your parent's home, can be more than a little stifling. As someone who was living in their childhood bedroom for the last eight months, there were more than a few times that I found myself regressing into my angsty teen habits. I would unconsciously snap at my parents and even dug up my old Taking Back Sunday and Brand New CDs to listen to as I drove to different states to escape my boredom. I could identify this restless energy while listening to Feral Jenny's Bedrooms EP, which was recorded in her own childhood bedroom. Feral Jenny is the solo project of Jenny Mudarri, who had previously played in the Burlington-based band NANCY. Jenny had only released one EP under Feral Jenny back in 2012, titled Bowie, Too, and noted on bandcamp that the songs were "sound and song-writing experimentation in their infancy". This description sells Feral Jenny short – Bowie, Too is a rough but captivating set of songs about having questionable interactions while eating tacos, being bored with people/life, and of course, David Bowie.

With Bedrooms, Jenny gets a little grittier than her past efforts in Feral Jenny and NANCY. The opening track, "Say the Word", bursts into your ears with a guitar solo fit for Ty Segall or Marnie Stern. The following tracks ride on this energy and Jenny's quick, almost violent guitar riffs seem to hit sonic boundaries. There's an urgency in both the music and Jenny's lyrics on songs like "Law & Order" and "You Let Me Fall", even though snippets of sentences get buried underneath the fuzzy guitars. When Jenny first sent me Bedrooms she mentioned that the songs were about "deadbeats, dependence, depression, and other de-words". The upbeat nature of the songs might seem to invalidate this statement, but if you really listen, you can feel the uneasiness that saturates Bedrooms. Is this person wasting my time? Where do I go from here? When will I have enough time? These are the kind of questions Jenny asks (and I've been asking myself since I graduated) on the six songs on Bedrooms. The album concludes on a sweet note with the slowed down "Gone Away", leaving you think that even if we don't have the answers yet, we'll all figure it out.


Listen to Feral Jenny on bandcamp.

Written by Emily Thompson