March 18, 2014

Premiere: Thee AHs - "I'm Not Angry Anymore"

 "I'm Not Angry Anymore," a new track off Thee AHs' upcoming album.

If you're not familiar with Thee AHs, it's time that you get acquainted with the Vacouver-based fourtet and their revenge pop tunes. After self-releasing two albums, the band has returned with another score of sugarcoated songs to chew on. Their new album Corey's Coathangers is due out on March 25th, and is a co-release between Birdtapes and Jigsaw Records.

Today we're excited to share "I'm Not Angry Anymore," a shiny new number off their forthcoming album. Picture the most brutally honest break-up letter you've ever written, then imagine it taking the form of a fearless pop song that gives zero fucks. Thee AHs make this task look effortless at best with "I'm Not Angry Anymore", and that's why we're hooked.

Thee AHs on "I'm Not Angry Anymore":

"If you've ever been dumped, you'll remember the wide range of emotions you went through. I wanted to document my breakup by writing a song that represented each of those emotions (denial, depression, anger, acceptance etc.) For anger, although I was filled with so much rage, I understood that those feelings came from so much pain. That is why the last line "is it bad, after all that I hate you? I really loved you" is so important. The bravado is shed and we see the person for who they really are. The ending of the song symbolizes the peace you feel once you've forgiven yourself or forgiven someone else. I still hope me and my ex will one day be friends."


Order the tape from Birdtapes or the CD from Jigsaw Records. 

Written by Diana Cirullo