March 31, 2014

Monday Mix: Hazel Cills

Hazel Cills. [hay-zel sills]. noun
1. Super cool girl. 2. Post-punk pro.

Like most girls, Hazel Cills and I were casually discussing getting punched in the face over bubble tea and soup dumplings. I think part of our conversation was inspired by an INFURIATING article titled "Why Are There So Many Cute Girls at Metal and Hardcore Concerts Now?" Besides from offering some great tips on how to pick up a girl at a show, this article also straight up objectifies women. Hazel and I were talking about how fun and empowering a mosh pit can be. I've met people who seem surprised that I, a female, enjoy getting knocked around with a bunch of sweaty people. Because, you know, my bones are as fragile as my feelings, I am as delicate as a flower. NOT. I love diving into crowds, and I know Hazel does too, as is evident from this picture of her completely dominating the pit at a Perfect Pussy show.

After years of discovering some of the my favorite bands through her blog and with the knowledge that she hosts an '80s post-punk/New Wave radio show, I asked my pal Hazel to make a post-punk mix for THE LE SIGH.

Hazel Cills on her Monday Mix:

"I love post-punk as a genre in general, but the women of this time period were especially badass. I love frontwomen like Lesley Woods of the Au Pairs and the infinitely bizarre, nasal-y "Su Tissue" McLane of Suburban Lawns. I have some weirder, more New Wave-leaning tunes on here, like a love song to a billboard by the short-lived, LA-based band Sis Q Lint, and the beloved sonically undefinable Family Fodder with their song "Savoir Faire." But there are plenty of thumping post-punk classics from bands like Delta 5 and Liliput, all punchy and bass-line heavy, and there are many screams and snarls to be heard. Hope ya enjoy!"

Check out more from Hazel Cills on her blog.

Written by Quinn Moreland