March 17, 2014

Monday Mix: Fork & Spoon

A mix from our favorite southern utensil-centric label. 

Fork & Spoon is a bit of an anomaly when it comes to record labels. It exists somewhere between DIY and legit independent label; they've releasing a handful of notable records but still maintain the community and warmth of a small label. The label throws potlucks and showcases in South Carolina and have a series called "Casual Friday" where their friends record alternative stripped down versions of their songs. Fork & Spoon was officially started in 2010 when longtime friends Jordan Blackmon, Chris Gardner, and Aaron Graves decided to start releasing their own and their friends' music. The trio was originally based in the college town of Columbia, South Carolina, but are now spread out around the country and spend a considerable amount of time on the road (Chris and Jordan tour with Washed Out and Toro y Moi respectively). My official introduction to Fork & Spoon was through a compilation they released in the summer of 2012. Since then, I met Jordan through friends early in 2013 and met Chris later that year and they are two of the nicest people I've met IRL (I'm assuming Aaron is as well). I asked Chris to make this mix around six months ago, but thanks to jobs and touring it took a minute to put together. But it was absolutely worth the wait.

Chris Gardner on Fork & Spoon's Monday Mix:

"Fork & Spoon got really excited when asked to curate this Monday Mix! Through the community we surround ourselves with as a label, we feel very fortunate for the music we are exposed to; it's always great to have the opportunity to share that with others. We were able to assimilate quite an eclectic collection of songs. There is pop, punk, folk, hardcore, old timey, electronic and just about everything in between by artists ranging from well know touring acts, to intimate bedroom projects. 

By growing up playing in bands and going to shows that encompassed a DIY mentality, community is something that became very important to us and we try to incorporate that into how we operate our label. When deciding who to include in our mix we looked for female artists that are somehow attached to, have been a part of, or influenced our own musical community. Many of these artists are SC-based acts who's shows we have gone to and records we have obsessed over. Some of whom's music we have had the distinct pleasure of releasing through the label. Others are bands we have gotten to know personally and spent time with through touring. Some others just awesome like minded musicians we have met over the years. We feel so fortunate to have the music these artists make in our lives, and are pleased to share it with The Le Sigh in hopes to let it be a part of the lives of may others. Happy Listening!"

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Written by Emily Thompson