March 18, 2014

LP: Girlpool - Girlpool

Girlpool's debut album will send you flying into a whirlpool of emotions.

Last month, Girlpool released their debut self-titled album. Comprised of Harmony and Cleo, the Los Angeles duo is skilled at writing songs that are so unbelievably catchy, you can't help but put each one on repeat for an hour (or two or three…). There is no doubt these girls have talent when it comes to ultimate girl-power jams like "Love Spell" with the lyrics "Love spell / Go to hell / Drink my wine / Everything's fine" that practically beg to be sung along with all your friends on at 3 a.m. on a Friday night. They're also skilled at writing harsh-but-true songs like "Paint Me Colors" which can resonate with a majority of us who have been or are broken-hearted. Girlpool is the type of album that you can listen too while laying in your bed and find meaning in every single lyric in every single song. There is feeling in every line, and when matched with the amazing harmonies and guitar riffs, will strike you right in the heart.

One of my favorite tracks on the album is "Jane" (which premiered on our site earlier this month), is fun and catchy but also empowering: "You were born for a reason / Share all of your feelings / If you are a Jane put your fists up too." Pairing lyrics of empowerment with high-pitched screams, this song, and Jane's story, sticks with you. I wasn't even done with the entire album and found myself wishing there was more. Girlpool unites the sound of their unique vocals and guitars in such a way where it seems as if making punk music is their calling (I totally believe it is). Although there is no percussion, their music does not suffer but instead evokes more feeling.

Girlpool's lyrics make me feel like they could both be my best friends that I could not only eat pizza and watch TV with, but also jump around and scream with. Girlpool is the kind of band I wish I would have started when I was younger, because if anything could cure my teenage sadness it would have been screaming at the top of my lungs in the middle of a song. But singing along to Cleo and Harmony doing it is just as good, if not better.


Listen to Girlpool on bandcamp.

Nina Braca, a sophomore journalism student at SUNY Purchase. She likes to write, eat cereal, and hopes to one day achieve her dream of owning a bunny. Talk to her on twitter.