March 6, 2014

LP: Cherry Glazerr - Haxel Princess

Cherry Glazerr may be young but they're on top of the world.

I'm attempting this stint in music journalism for one very crucial reason: to showcase bands and people that I feel are underexposed but highly significant. I emit a giant eye roll after seeing headlines about the same select bands over and over again. It's safe, it's boring, and rarely do these bands actually need any more attention. Though LA’s Cherry Glazerr are no stranger to press, they truly deserve your undivided attention. What started as the solo project of 17-year-old Clementine Creevy has evolved to a three-piece group who released their debut LP on Burger Records in January. I’m 24-four years old and struggling to put together a backing band for my own solo work. To say that I respect Clementine is an obvious understatement. When I was seventeen there was nothing in the world I wanted more than to travel the world and play bowling alleys across the country, a la Josie and the Pussycats. For Creevy, this reality is imminent. It’s 2014 and teenage girls are on top of the world. It feels drastically different than even seven years ago when I was in high school.

Yet reviews of the band still feel the need to refer to the artists as “kids”, likely devaluing the hard work put forth by Cherry Glazerr. The band is both too courageous and too darn hip to be referred to as something so patronizing. Yes, they sing about grilled cheese and Rob Kardashian, but my favorite tracks on Haxel Princess are the ones where Clem seems to be singing about things she truly cares about. On “All My Friends” she coos, “You have greasy hair / You play drums and you make me chuckle”, celebrating friendship and spending time with people who get it. “White’s Not My Color This Evening” is an ode to social anxiety and feeling insecure, (“I don’t wanna be seen / I don’t wanna be heard / I feel like a turd / Why are you looking at her?”). I think it’s also really important to mention that the physical LP is the greatest bubblegum pink color I've ever seen and the insert features handwritten lyrics to all ten tracks. What it really comes down to is, age, like gender, is a myth. You do not have to be a music industry veteran for your work to matter. In fact, what these young people are doing is way more significant than half the crap people are cranking out lately. Respect your juniors.


Listen to more Cherry Glazerr on bandcamp.

Rachel Gagliardi, a musician who spends most days watching reality television, wearing velvet, and listening to cassettes. Her happy place is thrift shopping alone. Follow her band on twitter.