March 8, 2014

Grrrl's Guide: International Women's Day

Your guide to arts, music, and good times for a very feminist weekend.

The East Coast is often unconscious of its own powerhouse lineups in the International Women’s Day department, but we're here to remedy that for you. On the heels of Kathleen Hanna's "On Language" lecture this week at NYU ("lecture" feels like the wrong word, it was more of a performance), we're feeling the Women's History Month vibes and ready to celebrate like the truefeministsoulcrusaders that we really are.

PHILADELPHIA, PA – MARCH 7, 2014 - APRIL 27, 2014 
Alien She, the riot grrrl show curated by Astria Spurak and Ceci Moss, opened at Carnegie Mellon's Miller Gallery in November 2013. Last night, the show kicked off its tour in Philadelphia at Vox Populi with events that reflected reverberations of the riot grrrl movement in art and music today. Spurak and Moss are former riot grrrls who created Alien She to explore the ways that the feminist punk phenomenon has infused artists and cultural creators internationally and contemporarily. As the show travels to different cities across the country, the curators work with other feminist artists and collectives to produce cultural events in tandem with Alien She. Last night, this took the form of a punk show at Johnny Brenda’s featuring Mannequin Pussy, Trophy Wife, and The Pretty Greens, co-produced with Pussy Division, a local Philly feminist activist group. You may have missed the punk show but Alien She runs through April 27, 2014, when it hits the road again.

Women's Studies Professors Have Class Priveledge / I'm With Problematic, from the series Creep Lez, Allyson Mitchell, 2012, via Miller Gallery.

NEW YORK, NY – MARCH 8, 2014 
Artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh is the creator of “Stop Telling Women to Smile,” a series of street art posters that have ignited conversations about street harassment, feminism, language and art all over the country. Fazlalizadeh will be speaking on a Women Empowerment Panel with various New York creatives at Pearl Studios in Manhattan.

Have you heard about the depressing statistics of this year’s Whitney Biennial? Fear not. Artist Christine Finley brings you The 2014 Whitney Houston Biennial: I’m Every Woman, a one-night only, all-women biennial that basically includes all of your favorite artists. We’re talking everyone from The Guerrilla Girls to Annie Sprinkle to Swoon and beyond.

The Enchanted Forest may not be a political event but it sounds like exactly what I wanted my prom to be. Described as “an evening of friends, magic, glitter, cake, balloons, and the best of times,” the lineup includes Swearin’, Technicolor Teeth, Potty Mouth, Aye Nako, and California X. This lady and queer-friendly bill means that you’re guaranteed a better night than your own prom, whether you actually went or not.

So, who says feminists don’t know how to party? As if this weekend weren’t enough, the festivities continue throughout Women’s History Month. We’ve got Roxane Gay hosting a WAMentoring session at Women’s eNews, artists L.J. Roberts and Jessica Whitbread discussing AIDS and Queer Craft at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, and even a queer/punk/riot grrrl party called RIOT CHICA. Now, get off the internet! I’ll meet you in the street (or at the feminist art show).

Kate Wadkins, a Brooklyn-based writer, artist and curator who believes in the transformative power of punk. Kate edits International Girl Gang Underground zine and is a founding member of For the Birds Collective. She is a classic virgo, coffee enthusiast, bass player, and rabble rouser. You can find her online or tweet at her literally any time.