March 13, 2014

7": Peach Kelli Pop - "Mindreader" / "Surfin' Everyday"

Peach Kelli Pop packs a punch with a new 7".

Not to make anyone feel old, but it has been four years since Peach Pop Kelli's self-titled debut made us all wonder, "What is the eggroll?" and "Am I doing the cheesecake right?" While my dance moves are still sub-par, Allie Hanlon and friends have returned with two new songs.

Reviews of Peach Kelli Pop's earlier releases exploit words like "cutesy" and "bubblegum." I'm certainly not denying that there is an inherent sweetness in Hanlon's lyrics and melodies, but I think the Mindreader / Surfin' Everyday 7" explores a slightly darker side of garage pop. "Mindreader" may sound jangly, but isn't the mystery of someone else's thoughts scary? Anxiety is hidden beneath the song's poppy exterior. The second track is "Surfin' Everyday," a cover by the now defunct band Broken Strings. The song debunks the magic of West Coast surf-lore that is associated with the Peach Kelli Pop's image with lyrics like "Out here in California / Not too many ride the waves / They got you believing that we're surfing every day!" The inclusion of the song and the skeleton guitar girl album cover both act to counter the adorable image, proving that Pop Kelli Pop is not pure sugar. 


Listen to Peach Kelli Pop on bandcamp.

Written by Quinn Moreland