February 4, 2014

Track: Tweens - "Be Mean"

Tweens gets punchy (and a little bit kinky) with "Be Mean".

Tweens took the playground lesson to heart that boys who tease you actually have a crush on you. While that questionable advice set most of us up for a dating life doomed to trying to decipher texts, lead singer and guitarist Bridget Battle can’t stand her suitor’s boring politeness on "Be Mean" — "Your sweetness is killing me". Tweens first dropped "Be Mean" last year on bandcamp, but we're now able to hear the slightly more polished version, which will be off their debut self-titled record out this April. "Baby be mean, mean / I want you to be mean / I want you to be mean to me!" Battle orders her "bore" of a guy, and also are lines you’ll probably find yourself singing at inappropriate times. Self-described trash pop, Tweens’ punchy punk from Cincinnati, Ohio, will help you power through any seasonal affective disorder you may be experiencing. Just wait until spring when you can jump around to this bratty, rambunctious track in the sun like it deserves. For now, blasting "Be Mean" in your bedroom while painting your nails hot pink and practicing your bitch face feels like the next most appropriate thing.


Listen to Tweens on bandcamp.

Marissa Cetin is a writer from Long Island, NY. Her hobbies include dancing to Donna Summer and DFA Records, eating whole wheat bagels and coming up with new abbreves. She also blabs about music on Twitter and Tumblr.