February 10, 2014

Monday Mix: Pink Noises

These artists will not be asked if they were influenced by riot grrrl.

I was not very familiar with electronic music until I started college. In high school, a friend from Poland introduced me to The Chemical Brothers, who I became obsessed with (seriously, check out "We Are the Night"). My electronic music education really began when I met my friends Katie and Camille, who showed me that electronic music 1) is not the awful dubstep my freshman year roommate blared while I  tried to sleep 2) is really compositionally complex and 3) can be very emotional. At first, the world of electronic music seemed like a boys club, but I have recently been discovering many cool women artists who I hope you enjoy. Also, the name of this mix comes from a book that I am super excited to check out, Pink Noises: Women on Electronic Music and Sound.

1. "Running (Disclosure Remix) - Jessie Ware
2. "Movement" - Holly Herndon
3. "Your Drums, Your Love" - AlunaGeorge
4. "Enemy" - Kelela
5. "Teen Spirit" - SZA
6. "Water Me" - FKA Twig
7. "Due Time" - KEIYA
8. "Kathy Lee" - Jessy Lanza
9. "Sunday Morning" - dot
10. "Light & Space" - Laurel Halo

Written by Quinn Moreland