February 17, 2014

Monday Mix: Death and Taxes

It's tax time again. Let the expletives commence.

Last year I paid a fuck-ton of taxes. I'm still in disbelief on how much I lost to the state every week. Living in NYC, with a very-on-the-books job that accounted for all the types of taxes felt like a slow bleed. While it was fun to watch my paycheck wither away to dust every two weeks, it was not as fun as paying rent and necessities. Paying taxes on top of what I already paid in April, made trying to put some money away for the things I really needed (and wanted) impossible: a new guitar amp (still don't have this), the mini van of my dreams to tour in (or this), and a vacation to somewhere tropical and sexy (this also failed miserably). I can't stand myself when I have to think about money and here I am, filing my 1099's with bated breath and desperate prayers to nothingness. Please nothingness, please don't make me give them any more money

I'm still a little murky on how it works, but I'm Mr.Burns style rubbing my hands together for a fat tax return this year. Do I know if I am entitled to one? Nope. I really have no idea. Do I feel like I definitely deserve back at least 99% of what I paid in taxes last year? Abso-fucking-lutely. Mamma needs a mini-van, and it'd be great if the United States of America could help me out instead of screw me over. And before you try to lecture me on what my taxes go to or how the system works or how great you think this country is, let me just preemptively tell you that I know it, I've heard it, and I don't care. I wish everyone would stop stop defending this place like we're the land of the free, it's been fucked up since the beginning. This Monday's mix addresses our feelings of downright frustration with money, taxes, and the government. If you're feeling angry too, take a listen.

1. "$" - Young Trynas
2. "Pressure" - liƩ
3. "Arrow" - Death Valley Girls
4. "Alien Ankh" - Dark Sister
5. "Now I See What I Have Lost" - Hysterics
6. "Nakedness As Insult?" - Bread & Water
7. "This Is Not A Union" - The Beverleys
8. "Filibuster" - Night Witch
9. "Judith" - Nine of Swords
10. "Swallow the Key" - Las Tetas

Mix artwork by Saffa Khan

Written by Marisa Dabice