February 3, 2014

LP: Madeline Ava - Freaking Out

Freak out with girl wonder Madeline Ava.

Punk began as a lawless sound. You didn't need to know how to play an instrument well, have a great singing voice, or write catchy lyrics. Indiepop is like punk's shy younger brother who is equally as angsty, but writes about his feelings in his diary instead of rolling around in glass รก la Iggy Pop. Indiepop has wrongly been called wimpy because it embraces sweetness, simplicity, and self-awareness. However, this cuteness is not a caricature and does not call for infantilization. Matt Haynes, one of the founders of the sacred Sarah Records once said, "People who use 'cute' and 'twee' as insults because they're uncomfortable with us being un-rock'n'roll and non-macho say more about their own insecurities and traditional reactionary attitudes than they do about us." I think twee and indiepop are just as rock and roll as punk for being like, "Fuck, anyone can be in a band, rock music doesn't have to be cool, whatever."

The defining sensation of Madeline Ava's newest release Freaking Out is comfort. The combination of Madeline's sweet voice and her imaginative beats could create perfect lullabies. But Madeline doesn't write songs for babies, and she should not be dismissed as something like "a girl singing about feelings on bandcamp." Her songs address insecurities and worries as much as they do simple pleasures. Madeline confronts sadness on "go away": "You used to really love me / Guess you're over that / You're on my front lawn / I want you gone"; vulnerability on "freak out": "You came close / You couldn't come much closer / You charmed me / I've never been charmed before"; and finally hope on the closing track, "lil reluctant": "I firmly believe that I'll eventually get what I need / I don't know what it is but I'm slowly heading towards it." Life can be very scary but Madeline's music makes me feel better, and that is why I am writing about it although I could never do it justice. If you haven't listened to Madeline Ava, I don't know what you have been doing, and I want you to get your butt over to her bandcamp page and download all her heart-melting tunes. Madeline is also in a punk band called Nice Try and they are rad, wow, what can't this girl do?


Listen to Madeline Ava on bandcamp.

Written by Quinn Moreland