February 27, 2014

LP: Bleeding Rainbow - Interrupt

Philadelphia's Bleeding Rainbow returns with a raucous new record.

I first started to listening to Bleeding Rainbow way back when they were called Reading Rainbow. Two years later, I was seeing them under their current name in my college's garage-venue. Hearts were won over and the general consensus was that Bleeding Rainbow rules. One year later, I find myself writing about their new album Interrupt. After several member changes, the Philadelphia group now boasts the lineup of Sarah Everton, Rob Garcia, Al Creedon, and Ashley Arnwine (although A Place To Bury Strangers' Robi Gonzalez plays drums on the album). Bleeding Rainbow has been labeled everything from shoegaze, 90s-inspired alt-rock, pop-punk, and twee, but Interrupt is their most succinct album to date.

If I had to pick an word to describe Interrupt, I would pick "drive." From the first notes of "Time  Place" to the drone of "Phase", Bleeding Rainbow plows through the album. They sound tighter than before and the pace is quick due in part to Gonzalez's crashing drums, which provide constant direction. On Interrupt, Bleeding Rainbow veers more into punchy pop-rock than shoegaze. However, that is not to say the group has completely abandoned their My Bloody Valentine influence. Two tracks, "Monochrome" and "Phase" seem slightly out of place in an album that favors harsher rather than shimmery guitars, but the band carries plays them with aplomb. Several highlights on Interrupt include "Time & Place," "So You Know", and "Cut Up." Interrupt is definitely a step in the right direction for Bleeding Rainbow.


Listen to Bleeding Rainbow on bandcamp.

Written by Quinn Moreland